The unobtrusive SCSS framework

STACSS is a lightweight structured SCSS directory which scaffolds basic styles, variables and indispensable modules.

Built to change

After pasting STACSS in your SCSS directory you can jump in and start customizing variables and modules to suit your brand and design.

Documented and linted

All SCSS is documented and linted so starting with your STACSS project should feel as clean as a whistle. Including a csscomb config to enforce linting automatically (not required but higly recommended).


Built to be unprejudiced, consider it as a grown up reset SCSS framework which provides a bare minimum styling to indispensable modules.


Using readable and human naming conventions that speed up development time and support quick scaling of your code base.

Clear structure

STACSS helps kickstarting projects faster by providing a basic set of variables, default element stylings and a flexible grid molded into one pre-defined project structure.

Easy installation

Just copy STACSS into your application SCSS folder and you are ready to go. Note that STACSS requires Autoprefixer for optimal use (vendor support).




file size (compiled)


Rules (compiled)


Declarations (compiled)


1. Download the SCSS folder
2. Copy the contents of /scss inside your application scss folder.
3. Start building!